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Kristen Stewart saves the day. Or a scene in Eclipse, at least.

That pesky tent scene with Robert Pattinson, Kristen, and Taylor Lautner (which is one of the best in the film) is what contributed to those tense moods during recent re-shoots. We told you about those last month, and now Kristen confirms it, too:

She told Entertainment Tonight Canada that she wasn't "going to lie and say it was great" back up in Vancouver.

So what went wrong? Rob explained at this weekend's press conference that he had a hard time when filming rolled around the first time.

"I just couldn't get it together!" R.Pattz said, laughing at himself. "I kept forgetting my lines and was so nervous. I just wanted to punch anyone who was near me!"

Enter a gal named K.Stew.

"The tent scene, for some reason on that day, we re-shot it as well, but the first time we did it, I was really freaking out. I think it had to do with claustrophobia or something, we were actually shooting in a tent," Pattinson confessed when he added how he couldn't get it together.

"We did about three takes and Kristen is supposed to be asleep on the floor. Halfway through, she suddenly opened her eyes and was just stared at me and kept trying to make me laugh through the entire take, and it's like the most serious scene in the whole movie," smiled RP.

Too adorable. But, apparently, Rob didn't think so at first:

"I just wanted to strangle her for the first two seconds! But then I could not stop laughing the entire time. We got literally one take where it went kind of right, and it was because of that, when I was trying to hold back. I guess it made me more alive or something."

Stewart added during the press conference that when she and Rob shoot their scenes, they end up laughing "all the time," but more so with Taylor. "Me and Rob are always so serious because we have those scenes."

When we talked with RP we asked him how he and Kristen prepare for their more intense scenes together. Do they get together ahead of time and nit pick everything, or just get to the set and see what happens? Rob told us that Stewart helps him understand Edward better:

"For some reason I can't understand anything and I think I'm going really in depth of the character when it just seems so obvious to Kristen," Pattison said, glowingly, quite lovingly, about his young costar.

"Her mind works completely differently," he added. "She can just feel things immediately and I'll kind of, I don't know, I like to be more cerebral about things, in completely the opposite way of Kristen."

And if you're wondering how the tent scene came out, we'll tell ya you won't be disappointed, even though it was a pain in the ass to finish.

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