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UPDATE:  Fourth District Judge James Taylor plans to appoint an independent attorney to oversee Coleman's estate and his cremation until Price and Gray's dispute is settled.

Taylor ordered that the cremation not take place before Wednesday to allow Gray time to travel from Oregon to Utah to see his body one more time.

Hold on there, Shannon Price

Anna Gray, the mystery woman Gary Coleman named special executor of his estate, is seeking a restraining order preventing all parties with claims to his assets—chief among them Coleman's live-in ex-wife—from doing anything with them until a Utah court can sort the whole mess all out.

Randy Kester, Gray's attorney, says the injunction sought by Gray, a longtime friend and business associate and contrary to some online reports not a former lover, will protect Coleman from being taken advantage of in death as he unfortunately was in life.

"The court's already ordered in a minute entry that the parties are restrained from further taking property and to the extent any has been taken, he's required that party to hold it until we can get some further disposition," the legal eagle tells E! News.

Word of the restraining order comes after local news crews videotaped Price and her agent, Shiela Erickson, entering Coleman's home and driving off with mail and some documents along with a 2005 Dodge pick-up truck.

Price's father also turned up on Monday with a moving truck and carted off some of Gary's personal possessions including computers, furniture and even his beloved train sets. However he later returned the items after police showed up and warned him he'd face charges.

"The court ordered all parties to neither remove, dispose of or take any further action to influence physicial possession or value or assets on the home or property until further order," adds Kester, quoting from the actual court document.

Coleman appointed Gray the administrator of his estate in a 2005 will that surfaced on Friday. However, Price has filed a petition seeking to install herself in the post on the basis of a 2007 handwritten codicil the Diff'rent Strokes star supposedly penned giving her control over his possessions in the event of his death, including his $315,000 residence in Santaquin.

However Kester notes that according to Utah law, the pair's divorce nullified that addendum, making the 34-year-old Gray the administrator of his affairs.

Price has vowed to fight the will.

Meanwhile Coleman's pal and onetime manager Dion Mial, whom he appointed executor in a 1999 will, announced he has withdrawn his petition to be the special administrator his estate in the wake of the 2005 codicil surfacing last week, effectively ending his role in the legal battle.

Attorneys for both Price and Gray are expected to argue over the restraining order at a hearing scheduled for later today.

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