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Can you say "TMI"?

From Gary Coleman's wills and unwitting death bed photo shoot (ugh, have you seen The Globe?) to Linday Lohan's blinking ankle to the multiple sex tape scandals, we're up to our ears in celebrity muck and mire.

Pull on some waders and slink right in...

POSTMORTEM: Gary Coleman's big hobby, other than collecting model trains, was apparently making out wills. His wishes are laid out pretty straight-forwardly. Too bad there's so many wishes, and ex-wife (or common-law wife) Shannon Price is only interested in the ones in which she ends up with all the spoils. You know, so that she can put any money she may have received taking photos of Coleman hooked up to machines in the hospital aside for a rainy day.

LOJACKED: Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM went off, resulting in a judge hiking her bail to $200,000, even though LiLo adamantly tweeted that she had done nothing wrong. But on the bright side, she's returning to form as an artist by playing Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Teresa Giudice is hurting for cash but is not trying to unload her New Jersey money pit after all...Danielle Staub might be getting a little cash thanks to a sex tape being distributed by Hustler, not to be confused with her other sex tape.

BAD TIMING: Poor Kendra, reminded of the evil in the world just as her dreams were coming to fruition. Apparently she picked the right man for "in good times and bad," though, because she and Hank Baskett are still going strong.

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: The Twilight Saga: New Moon won five popcorn buckets at the far funnier than usual 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had their second opportunity in as many years to lock lips in public as Rob-and-Kristen. And though she did her best to ruin the moment, Rob cried (in his head), "No more!" and grabbed her for a quick smooch. K.Stew didn't melt nor vomit, nor did she flip him the bird. She might have even liked it a little bit. (The CMT Music Awards were fun, but not nearly as wrought with media-fueled sexual tension.)

BULLOCK TRAIN: Sandra Bullock pleased audiences and fashion critics alike with her appearances at both Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. You'd think she would have kissed Scarlett Johansson at the first one.

Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville

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BROKEN RECORD: Eddie Cibrian would just love it if  Brandi Glanville would quit yammering on about his cheating, saying all of this rehashing of the past isn't helping anyone get over it. We see his point, because they've got young kids, but wouldn't any woman in her situation want to keep talking until it doesn't hurt anymore? Or until everyone else thinks he's scum, too?

ON HOLD: Charlie Sheen isn't in jail yet, his plea deal having hit a snag at the 11th hour.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH LADY GAGA?: The New York Mets felt the need to apologize to Jerry Seinfeld because Lady Gaga flipped off the cameras while sitting in his VIP box. We bet Katy Perry barely raised an eyebrow.

CRIMINAL MINDS: Shawn Johnson's duct tape-toting fan was convicted of felony stalking and is either looking at prison time or, if his not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity plea pans out, a stay in a mental hospital.

LAW & ORDER: Chace Crawford charged with pot possession...Jesse James' ex Janine Lindemulder finally gets to see their daughter...Chris Brown was denied entrée to the U.K....Justin Wahler arrested for allegedly striking a woman at a party.

WRONG NUMBER: A 911 call popped up from when Larry King's wife, Shawn, apparently overdosed on pills last month. Police don't think it was an accident.

$.O.$.: Suze Orman underwent an emergency appendectomy on her birthday last weekend.

FAREWELL: Youngest Isley brother Marvin Isley died at 56 of complications from diabetes.

COSTNER OIL: Mr. Kevin Costner went to Washington to talk oil spill cleanup and what he could do about it and BP listened.

TRYING TO KEEP UP: Khloé Kardashian Odom masks in Boston didn't help the Celtics any...Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may want another baby but they need a new burglar alarm.

WEDDING BELLS: Alanis Morissette quietly tied the knot at home with rapper Mario "MC Souleye" Treadway...Gemma Arterton tied the knot with Italian businessman Stefano Catelli in Spain...Rush Limbaugh married Kathryn Rogers, and Elton John was there!

Glee, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison

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TV LAND: Glee just finished for the season, but Gleeks have John Stamos to look forward to...True Blood is coming...So You Think You Can Dance cranked it up to 11...Watch With Kristin opreviews NBC's fall lineup...Paula Abdul's gonna present at Sunday's Tony Awards...Katherine Heigl feels she's Emmy-worthy this year.

ODD HAPPENINGS: Miley Cyrus firmly denies kissing one of her female dancers when she pantomimed kissing one of her female dancers during a recent performance...January Jones crashes her car and Bobby Flay shows up...Jodie Foster's has issues with a teenage shutterbug...Someone crashes Kanye West's Porsche into the wall of an unoccupied home in Oahu...Pink's tour bus catches fire in Germany.

KEEPING IT REEL: Angelina Jolie might play Cleopatra...Breaking Dawn is two movies, officially...Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are in talks to team up again.

HOAXED: Why must actors like Russell Crowe and James Avery have to die on the Internet every once in awhile?

SEEN: Music video for Muse's "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)," aka the first Eclipse single...More Eclipse clips...Rihanna on the cover of Elle...Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video...Way too much of Eminem's upcoming Recovery...Official trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

SCENE: Hilary Duff and fiancé Mike Comrie bought a Beverly Hills mansion...Corey Feldman jamming at The Goonies' 25th anniversary celebration...John Mayer's hairy belly...Katherine Heigl's god-awful red carpet hair...January Jones in a cocktail dress getting out of a cab at 10:30 a.m....Rihanna performing in Israel...Kourtney and Scott out in Vegas...Justin Bieber booted from the over-21 seating section at a movie theater.

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