Justin Bieber

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Does Justin Bieber like lesbians? Heard on radio that lesbians love HIM, they feel his hair, voice is like them.
—Antoine, via Twitter

Oh, don't stop there. They don't just like his look, they like to emulate his look, as the site Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber proves. Can you tell the Biebians from the actual Bieb? Can you?

Anyway, yeah, Bieber seems to like lesbians OK:

When one news organization asked him whether he liked the Web site, at least, he replied—gum smacking the whole time—"Yeah, someone told me the concept and I think it's really funny."

If that answer isn't enough for you, maybe you need some more knowledge. How about a whole 20-something minutes of Answer B!tch questions and answers? In podcast form? Done.


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