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Have you recovered yet? Last night's True Blood season-three premiere was a little too much fun for those who don't mind a few red marks on their necks, don't you think?

And that got us thinking: This show is such warped, hot fun to watch, who the hell in that impossibly sexy cast is having the hardest time noticing when the cameras have turned off? Well, when it comes to all that hot vampire-love stuff, that is.

Could it be earnest but manly Bill (Stephen Moyer)? Sassy and cute Sookie (Anna Paquin)? Stud-muffin slut Jason (Ryan Kwanten)? Cute dork Sam (Sam Trammell)? The vampire we all want to get bitten by, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)?

According to a regular castmember on the hit HBO show, here's the following real-life love rundown. You may or may not be surprised by the info. But keep in mind, this comes to us from an actor who has spent many a java break watching, listening to and observing all the main stars. (FYI: The source is not one of the actors mentioned, but close to them.)

Real-life couple Moyer and Paquin: "You would never know they are a couple," said our set insider. "They take great pains to keep that away from the set. They're incredibly professional. And besides, Anna really gives herself completely in each one of those scenes. She's the thread of the show; she's too busy, really. Also, that's how you know they're real—they don't show it off."

Trammell: "He's so cute, but you know, in real life, a little softie. He's so nice, not that worked out like some of the other guys, not as competitive. He's definitely not the attention-seeker."

Kwanten: "That man is all about his scenes—and his body. Other than Anna, he has got to me the most driven actor in the group. Sorry to disappoint you, but he is either studying his lines or working on his body, that's it. He is definitely not anything like his character. At least not on the set."

Skarsgård: "Get out, it's just absurd. He is definitely having the most fun on this set, I guarantee you that. He's just sick. He's so gorgeous. And many people enjoy this fact. So does he!"

Wonder if Kate Bosworth's one of them?

Which vamp do you belong with? Take our blood-type romance quiz and find out!


Photos: True Blood Season 3 Premiere

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