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Bravo Photo / Virginia Sherwood

There are short sales, and then there are sales so short, if you blink you'll miss them. Teresa Giudice's falls into the latter classification.

Yesterday, the Real Housewife of New Jersey's custom-designed, reality show-chronicled Towaco, N.J., mansion went up for sale for the not so low, low asking price of $3.99 million.

And despite the fact that it was assigned an MLS number and listed on both Realtor.com and the website of her real estate agents, it has since mysteriously disappeared.

Agent-no-more Anita Bineau told E! News that the home—on the market for less than 24 hours—was simply not for sale "anymore."

Giudice was also short on explanation when it came to the property, but clearly wants the world to believe that the listing was pulled neither as a face-saving gesture in the wake of her bankruptcy filing, nor because the couple suddenly came into a wave of non-taxable income, as they have tended to do in the past.

No, according to Giudice, the listing was pulled because it was never meant to go up in the first place. Checks and balances fail!

"HUGE NEWS CORRECTION-I'm telling you guys first and directly…MY HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE!!!" she tweeted this morning after the listings were pulled. "Sorry if you were dreaming of moving in w/me. xx"

Funny, dream isn't exactly the word we'd use.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

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