Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

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The only current pop-culture juggernaut that even comes close to rivaling Twilight's instant fame and huge, huge fan following is Glee. But don't get your fangs in a twist just yet, Twi-hards, you still dominate the Gleeks when it comes to franchise dedication.

So what if the two worlds were to collide? Could you imagine Edward bopping along to show tunes?

"There probably is, I would imagine, quite a bit of Glee-Twilight crossover with the fans, so I think that would be great," Michael Welch dished when we offered up the idea.

Michael, who plays one of Bella's human besties in the flicks, will partner up with Glee's Heather Morris, the show's resident airhead cheerleader, when the two perform for the Nationwide Young Playwrights Festival.

And Michael is confident his Twi costars can carry a tune.

"We have tons of musicians in the Twilight cast," he boasted. "I think we all know Rob is a singer and a songwriter and a piano player and a guitar player, but so is Anna Kendrick. I'm a drummer; Jackson Rathbone is in a band...It might be kind of fun to do a little crossover there. I'll talk to Heather about it, and see what she says."

Um, don't forget Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, dude! If The Runaways taught us anything, it's that those chicks know how to rock!

So if Glee's ragtag New Directions group met up with the Fanged Falsettos at nationals next season, would Bella and Co. take home with the trophy?

"Oh man, [the Glee group] would be hard to beat," Michael confessed. "Those kids are…They're hard-core. They're good."

Hey, we just want to see what Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester has to say to the 'tudey teen vamps.

"You think being a vampire is hard? Try going toe-to-toe with Lea Michele. That's hard!"

Only kidding, Lea. Love you, babe!

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