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What Pauly D needs is a little less hustle and a lot more flow. And, um, talent.

At least, that's what his record-spinning brethren seem to think, as they've risen up against his inclusion as one of the 100 finalists in the competition for America's Best DJ.

The Jersey Shore star, who never met a pomade or bench press he didn't like, made the cut alongside such vaunted turntablists as Jazzy Jeff (when it rains Fresh Prince news, it pours, hmmm?), MTV fixture DJ Skribble, Moby, Crystal Method, Grandmaster Flash and ?uestlove, currently bringing the jams and the funny as part of The Roots, Jimmy Fallon's houseband.

Z-Trip, last year's winner of the coveted title, didn't start the backlash, but he certainly did the most to fan the flames, posting the following rant (his words, not ours) on Twitter last week:

"START OF RANT: Being last years winner, I have 2 say, it's a bit of a knock 2 all the OG's 2 include Pauly D on Americas Best DJ 2010 ballot," he wrote. "While I respect his hustle to get over on people, I personally don't feel he's done the work needed to be included on the list.

"Again, not trying 2 dis, but the fact that he is on the list (alongside some DJ legends) is a bit sketchy. He hasn't earned that title yet IMO."

His (surprisingly measured and well-crafted) protest didn't stop there.

"2 me, he is on that list based mostly off of the show, not his skill level. I'm hoping people vote 4 the right DJ's based on skill, not fame. Again, Pauly, get yours in this world. But if you win, I can't help but feel let down. U R no Jazzy Jeff, Craze, etc. Not yet anyway.

"If U keep at it, eventually U can earn it. But nobody knew who U were b4 the show. END OF RANT."

Speaking of Craze, he too addressed Pauly D's inclusion, albeit not quite as respectfully.

"Yeah I'm in there but now I don't wanna be?Pauly D is nominated?That comp has no cred," he tweeted.

Still, while his fellow spinners seem to take issue with this inclusion on the list, period, we think the real scandal here is what region he's listed as representing: Rhode Island. Did the Jersey Shore relocate without telling us?

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