A-Team, Bradley Cooper, Karate Kid, Jaden Smith

Doug Curran/Twentieth Century Fox; Jasin Boland/Sony Pictures

Another week, another batch of hot summer movies! This weekend's releases are both reimaginings (what a concept!) of '80s hits, so let the battle of the remakes begin:

On the one hand, the high-octane A-Team is definitley one that girls won't mind their boyfriends dragging them to. (Hello, Bradley Cooper!)

Then, Will Smith's son Jaden is in his first big title role in The Karate Kid, actually doing kung fu (not karate) opposite martial arts legend Jackie Chan. And who doesn't love a coming-of-age story with elaborate kick moves? Will Jaden's chops be enough to give the box office its first good summer boost?

Or maybe you're just sick of remakes? In that case, you can still catch releases Get Him to the Greek and Killers. While both did only lukewarm last week, maybe they'll manage to pick up some steam the second time around.

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New weekend, new movies...What's it gonna be?
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