Sarah Palin

Michael Nagle/Getty Images; Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Sarah Palin is obviously taking extra measures now that Joe McGinnis, a writer who's working on a tell-all book about her, has moved in next door to her in Alaska. Clearly, when Sarah is seen taking out the trash, or gutting her latest moose kill, she'd like author McGinnis to see her looking as attractive and vibrant as possible, right? Maybe she'd even throw in a couple of those infamous, flirty Palin winks, too?

I mean, come on:

Did you see the latest hoochie-coochie look Palin had going on at the Belmont Stakes? When have we ever seen these kinds of boobs on arguably the biggest boob in the political arena these days?

Not since her beauty contest days, that's for sure. And maybe not even then—to this D-cup degree, at least.

Why's that?

Because now Palin's marketing herself as a best-selling author, Fox News pundit and professional-speaking-engagement rouser. In short: a celebrity. And what better way to help peddle your wares than to show off the ones you were given? But this route raises a question:

Are these the 46-year-old grandma's natural breasts, looking all perky and awfully out there at the New York racing event? You decide. But it's clear to us here at the A.T. that Palin isn't taking this latest invasion by McGinnis—as well as the archenemies Palin considers the evil, Democrat, big-government goonies—lying down.

Or, certainly her breasts won't be. This is war, and Bristol's mom is going to be lining up the best defense she possesses: her bod.

I mean, since her mouth hasn't always served her so well in the past.

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