Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber may rule the world, but he isn't above the rules in a Massachusetts movie theater.

On Saturday, the 16-year-old pop star was catching an afternoon showing of Get Him to the Greek at the Showcase Cinema de Lux, accompanied by his manager and bodyguard.

But according to a theater rep, the "Baby" singer tried to set up camp in the premium seating area, where alcohol is served and an ID is required.

Biebs was promptly bounced from the section. But did he go quietly?

"He made a reference to Chuck E. Cheese," the theater rep says of Justin's mild protest before relocating. The rodent-friendly restaurants do serve alcohol in several locations, and apparently Biebs has patronized the chain. Nothing like some pizza and pop to cure that Bieber fever, after all.

However, Team Justin tells us the whole thing was blown out of proportion, and any notion that the teen dream made waves is "completely false." Perhaps even a little cheesy?

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