Barack Obama


"Was Obama slow to respond? Yes. Behind the scenes and below the radar, even some of his most loyal political supporters and colleagues are shaking their heads and wondering why he hasn't stepped up to the plate and been the leader they thought he was."

—Washington, D.C. insider with close ties to the White House, regarding the president's arguably less-than-commanding response to the Gulf oil spill.

Today marks day 51 in this crippling national disaster, and Obama is traveling back to the Gulf for yet another visit, but with no answers really at hand—for anybody.

Our D.C. source added that some of the Nobel Prize-winning leader's colleagues are upset over the huge losses in the Gulf, "particularly since this is about oil, the environment, and we all know where Democrats have traditionally stood on that issue. [Obama] hedged his bets on taking his time, and he has lost some crucial public and private support."

Between 12,000 and 19,000 barrels of oil, per day, are estimated to still be flowing into the Atlantic. That's an utterly horrendous assault on our nation—and her legacy.

Call me strange, but I felt more comfort when Anderson Cooper landed in New Orleans during Katrina and did not let up until that city's residents had a modicum of safety in their lives.

Is it so much to ask that our leader temporarily set up shop in Louisiana until this horror show (thanks to the corporate liars who are BP) is contained?

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