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What the wha?

Glee is closing out its first season tonight with a take-no-prisoners finale, in which the kids compete, Quinn has her bambino, big guest stars return and...wait a minute. The zombies show up?!

I inflitrated the set as they were shooting the season finale, and have your exclusive first look at Glee's new unliving stars—photos you won't see anywhere else!—plus scoop straight from the show's big cheese...

Be afraid....

Glee, Dummies, Dummy

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Be very afraid...

Glee, Dummies, Dummy

E! Networks


OK, so the photos above are actually seat-filling dummies that were used in the very back of the theater for tonight's episode. And, in what can only be described as the highlight of my career, I was one of those dummies. (And my 7th grade drama teacher said I'd never amount to anything!)

The masses were necessary because this is the moment the entire first season of Glee has been leading up to: New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline going to head-to-head in the big Regionals competish tonight.

From what I've seen, the finale does not disappoint: Truth told, I was a teary-eyed, dancing, hooting and hollering mess in the back of that theater, putting my fellow "dummies" to shame. I went to executive producer Brad Falchuk, one of my favorite TV masterminds (evah!) for reassurance that the final onscreen product is just as rewarding, and after much badgering/begging for details here's what he shared about tonight's ep:

Jonathan Groff

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"Two words: Bohemian Rhapsody.  It's huge and we do the entire song. Jonathan Groff is epic, as are all of the Vocal Adrenaline dancers. A couple of them died during the shooting of the number, but their families will be taken care of as long as the show is on the air, so it's really not such a bad deal." Note: This last part is a joke (because I previously reported that a few dancers were injured during the high-stakes finale performance) and just proves that Falchuk is in fact dipped in magic and rainbows and comedy genius. Quick, somebody update his IMDb profile!

So what else goes down tonight? "I think we both wrap everything up and launch ourselves into next season in a very satisfying way," Falchuck tells me. "Sue has one last surprise up her sleeve—and it's shocking.  And you want to know what happened the night Quinn got preggers? Watch the episode."

Shut the front door! Of course we want to know.

Dianna Agron

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One last tease Falchuk is willing to share: "Speaking of Quinn, Dianna [Agron] really steals the show during her delivery scene. She's amazing. Can't say enough good things about her...Have your tissues handy."

Cripes. Given how emotionally gripping Glee has been lately, and how much is at stake for all our favorite New Directions kiddos tonight, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to hit up Costco before tonight..

Especially because this means we'll have to do without Glee until the fall. What a fantastic ride this season has been, eh?

So tell me, is anyone else as excited about tonight's Glee finale? Or are you gonna leave me hangin'?

Also, if you want the digits of any of the hot guys pictured above, I got 'em. The dark-haired guy is a Libra who likes long walks on the beach and vacuuming. Quite the catch.


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