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Glee creator Ryan Murphy was honored over the weekend at the ninth annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, and he had three mega hotties from his cast in attendance: Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison and Matthew Morrison's abs.

"Matthew sent me the picture two seconds after he saw it," joked Ryan about Morrison's yummy, and out-of-nowhere, ab shot in this month's Vogue. "He was very happy to show [his abs] off; he's been making jokes about it."

So how does Murphy try to tame his cast of incredibly sexy hunks? Simple...

"I tell them, ‘Don't do it in the trailer,' " he laughed. "There are three big studs on the set now. Between Cory [Monteith], Mark and Matthew—well everyone really—we've had girls fainting and screaming all over the place [on tour]."

And despite what you may read about R.M. "overworking" the cast, those boys wouldn't have their six-packs if it weren't for their boss.

"They literally were heavier [when they got cast]," chuckled Ryan. "Between the pickup and the hiatus they all lost ten pounds and got abs!"

Hey, no complaints here!

Jokes aside, Ryan shared with us what he thinks the most important piece of advice he has tried to teach his suddenly über-famous cast has been:

"I always tell them a show business life is about huge highs and huge lows, and everything goes in cycles. Today you're the darling and tomorrow people will pick on you. And that's already happened and swung back around."

You know, Lea Michele dramz. It's all in the past people!

"It's sweet. We all are very close," Murphy added. "We travel a lot together, and the thing that's great about it is they are a very close group. Sure, in that group there are cliques, but they are very brotherly and sisterly with each other. They don't take anything personally, and they don't fight despite what you've read. They fight with me, but they don't fight with each other."

Sounds exactly like what Glee star Heather Morris told us last month, about how the cast has its own cliques similar to that of the show, and how they've all found their groove in getting along, since they seriously spend 24/7 together.

And by the way, Ryan, next time we see you, we want deets on whose trailer's rockin'! 'Cause with all those six-packs (which yes, you can def take credit for) we're sure those boys aren't going to be warming up their vocal cords solo.

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