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After the two-hour Grey's Anatomy finale a few weeks ago, we said Emmys should be given to everyone in the cast for that episode. But funny, so far we've only heard of Katherine Heigl submitting her name in the Emmy race for Best Supporting Actress.

You're probably wondering what she submitted her name for, considering she rarely appeared in Grey's this season. And when we ran into Eric Dane over the weekend he was asking the same thing:

Reporters asked Eric what he thought of Katherine putting her name in for Best Supporting Actress. His response: "For what?"

"Um, for Grey's Anatomy," we gently reminded him on the carpet at the 9th Annual Chrysalis Ball, where he was there with his equally good lookin' wife Rebecca Gayheart.

"Oh," Dane said catching himself. "It's great! Fantastic! I love it! Why?"

Call us crazy, but after all the drama and handful of episodes Heigl actually lent her movie star acting chops to, we think TV's golden statue could go to someone a bit more deserving, like McSteamy.

"I don't even know if I've ever submitted myself for an Emmy," Dane tells E! "I really honestly never thought about myself as getting nominated, or have thought about an Emmy at all to be honest with you. I've never given it much thought. But hey, it would be wonderful."

Yeah, yeah, no need to be all politically correct with us mister. We've heard the devilish tales from the Grey's set, and it wasn't comin' from your camp!

As for whether the entire cast will be back next season?

"You know I can honestly say, like I say every year, I really don't know," Dane 'fessed to us. "I really have no idea."

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