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Now that we're one day away from Glee's first season finale, I can dish a few deets on the hush-hush visit I made to set as they were shooting tomorrow's big episode. (Shhh...)

It's the big face-off between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions, but here's the (sucking?) face time some of you fans really want to see:

Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) making googly eyes with each other right before--and during--their performance of Journey's "Faithfully" at the long-awaited Regionals showdown.

You'd think a guy who once thought he'd impregnated his girlfriend by sharing a hot tub would be more careful. For shame!

So does this mean Rachel and Finn are back on, and Rachel and Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) are gone for good?

I'd bet good money. While Glee's producers have said there's a chance Jonathan may return in some capacity as Jesse in the future, I can tell you that when he finished shooting his last scene for the season finale (the big Vocal Adrenaline performance, complete with injuries galore), a crew member announced, "That's a final wrap for Jonathan," and the other actors and backup dancers gave him a nice round of applause. So it sure felt like a sendoff. Sniff.

And given that Cory Monteith is a, you know, series regular, and boss Ryan Murphy has called Finn and Rachel the show's "core couple," you can safely assume that Finn has the long-term advantage. "I would never give up hope on Finn and Rachel," Cory told me backstage. "Never. There is always hope for them!"

Of course, Finn and Rachel won't be the only ones providing drama in Tuesday's season ender. After what feels like TV's longest-ever pregnancy, Quinn is finally having that baby, a scene which Dianna Agron says "is the craziest thing [she] ever shot." And yes, Puck will be involved, from what I hear.

Plus, "there are some good guest stars that are coming back that we've already seen," Matthew Morrison reminds us. "Olivia Newton-John, Josh Groban. It's a great episode. It's a very big tearjerker."

Wait a minute...Tearjerker?! Ugh. Don't tell me the whole thing ends with Mr. Schue's eye closing. (Anyone else feeling a bit drained from the past month of "emotional" television? Aye yai yai.)

And naturally, even though it's the high-stakes showdown of Regionals, there'll be some laughs, too, as Sue Sylvester is joining the celebrity judges on the panel in all her tracksuit glory. (This time, sans pearls.)

"It's our kids, New Directions, or as we like to call them, nude erections," Jane Lynch (Sue) tells me with a laugh. "Don't think we didn't have fun with that name immediately. Then there's Vocal Adrenaline, which is Jesse St. James' group. And then the third group is called Aural Intensity, which I think is the best ever. It all sounds like something else. But it's "aural" with an "A." You gotta love our writers. They keep you thinking."

Who are you rooting for as season one of Glee comes to a close? Comment below...and sneak a peek at the "Faithfully" performance right here.

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