Shannen Doherty is arguably T-town's most notorious bad girl—and damn sure she knows it. While her tabloid-worthy 'tude hasn't always helped her nab roles in the past, she's finally found the perfect fit:

The newly dead Kari—and her still-living sister Mari—on FearNET's super gory animated web series, Mari-Kari. And, trust, Kari isn't a Dancing With The Stars contestant...

Unless the cycle features ghosts who skip the salsa for chainsaws!

Much more S.D.'s style. And why we love her so.

"My inspiration for Kari was sort of like...if you take my reputation and multiply it by one hundred," Shannen laughs.

"You know? Everyone sort of assumes I'm this really bitchy, mean person, so I thought, 'I'm going to give it to them in Kari.'"

Finally! A peek at what Shannen's like off camera—and we heart her for it.

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