Ali Fedotowsky, The Bachelorette

Only two weeks in, and Little Miss Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has her sights set on exotic lovahboy Roberto.

Spoiler Alert! He even gets some superspecial one-on-one "danger date" time on Monday's ep. But is he the one for our Ali?! E! News caught up with the two on their adventurous outing and came away with some interesting insight on why Roberto might actually win... 

Because the sparks are a-flyin', that's why! From the second Roberto stepped out of that limo, Ali was smitten with the 26-year-old insurance agent—and now, three episodes in, she's still falling.

"We definitely [have sparks]," she tells us. "I'm here with a really great guy. It couldn't get much better at this point." And Roberto agrees: "So far what I love about Ali is she's so normal. She makes this situation completely natural in such an unnatural environment."

Clearly, this season's Bachelorette house has some characters (hello, pro wrestler!), but Ali says Roberto's laid-back 'tude is exactly what she needs.

"A lot of the guys I've dated in the past have actually been the exact opposite of me, sort of introverted, and I like that in a guy. They balance me out a little bit." Score one more, Roberto.

Ali tells us her ideal man has to be "funny, smart, quirky and creative," all things we've seen in Rob so far. So is he feeling pretty secure right about now? "I gotta be confident in myself," he says. "I think I've got a shot. We've had a great dinner so far."

Plus, "there's nothing" he dislikes about his potential ladylove just yet, and can "absolutely" see himself marrying Ali someday!

Man, this show sure does move things along at a terrifyingly rapid pace, no?

For now, Ali's just enjoying a new hobby: practicing the rolling of her R's in order to accurately pronounce the name of her Bachelorette frontrunner. And for what it's worth to Mr. Marriage, the lovelorn lady truly does believe her future hubby is a part of her reality-show dating game.

"If I don't believe this process works for others, how can I believe in it for myself?" she explains. "I believe in having a positive attitude and believing that my future husband is here, and I'm gonna stick with that. I hope I get married."

Amen, sistah. For more exclusive scoop on Ali and Roberto's tightrope-walking "danger date," tune into E! News and Daily 10 tonight at 7 p.m.


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