Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan

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We wouldn't go so far as to call Michael and Dina Lohan's steadily thawing relationship heartwarming—but at least they can converse like adults now.

After an appearance in New York Family Court to address custody issues concerning kids Ali and Dakota, the Lohans both told reporters that daughter Lindsay is doing really well since returning from Cannes and donning an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.

"She's on the straight and narrow," Michael said. "I hope it continues."

"Lindsay's been great," Dina said, adding, "The judge was a little harsh!" in reference to her daughter's last court date.

Talk about your reconciliations!

"The Lohans are extremely happy," Michael's attorney, John DiMascio Jr., said outside the courthouse, where the divorced duo reached a confidential deal regarding custody of their two youngest children. "They entered into this agreement after hours and hours of negotiations."

But there is one thing Michael's none too happy about.

"She better not do that Linda Lovelace movie," Lindsay's dad said, referring to her upcoming turn as the Deep Throat star in the drama Inferno. "Why would any parent want their daughter to do that?"

He previously told RadarOnline: "Please, don't give me this ‘craft' or ‘artistic' B.S. Mark my words, it's a blunder and the film will flop."

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