Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Bones

Greg Gayne/FOX

To make out with David Boreanaz or not to make out with David Boreanaz.

Hmmm...That is the question for the lovely Emily Deschanel, who--newsflash--doesn't just star on Fox's Bones but is also a producer (not just a pretty face!) and therefore has her say in what happens with her character, Bones, and David's character, Booth, in the coming season.

I just chatted up Emily, and asked the question you fans have been shouting from the rooftops...

"Are Booth and Bones ever going to flipping get together?!"

And if you aren't aware that is the question, well, then you didn't see Bones' juicy 100th episode in which Bones and Booth came thisclose to sealing the deal.

"[In] the 100th episode we came very close," Emily answered carefully. "And I think we keep moving forward." Ah, this girl is good. Moving forward...into each other's arms? "I was just talking to Hart Hanson, the creator of our show, about if Booth and Brennan get together in the next season, and I can't tell you what we decided."

So there has been a decision? Interesting!

You can watch Emily in the video below--debuting her short new 'do!--for her take on the future of Bones and Booth, how Comic-Con attendees may have sealed their fate, and also if and when Emily's sister, Zooey Deschanel, might be back on the show...

Would you clap to keep Booth and Brennan apart? Or for those two crazy kids to finally make it happen? Is this like the whole Tinker Bell situation where we have to clap just to keep these two alive and kicking? Let me hear it in the comments...


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