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"If you don't have Sue and me, the show may as well be on the Disney Channel!"

So sayeth a Jessalyn Gilsig, aka the now former Mrs. Terri Schuester, who returned to Glee last night to sign her heartbreaking divorce papers with Will (Matthew Morrison), and cozy up to (ew!) Finn (Cory Monteith).

So is that the last we'll see of her? And is a FInn (ew) and Terri (ew ) romance (did we mention ew?) on the way?

Truth told, Jessalyn's still waiting to find out herself about next season. "I still haven't gotten my letter," Jessalyn reveals to us, referring to her official pick-up from Fox to come back this fall. "Enough! Where's my letter? Maybe I'll get it in a text. I have my parking pass, so I'll just show up." In case you happen to be a "soulless automaton" like those kids from Vocal Adrenaline, these are jokes people, jokes! Still, Jessalyn adds on a more serious note: "I'm feeling pretty confident about it. But I always like to have that little piece of paper in the end."

Jessalyn is hoping more than ever now that she'll get to return to the addictive Fox series, especially after last night's episode, "Funk," in which she made a questionable new ally, Finn (Cory Monteith)—"It's the beginning of a really sweet friendship," she insists, and more on that below—and finally got to take part in a song-and-dance number (Beck's "Loser," sung by Cory and Mark Salling).

"Even through Puck and Finn really sing the leads," Jessalyn explains, "it was so much fun. It was just beyond! I feel like everybody should just shoot their own music video in the backyard. It's just ridiculously freeing...I came home to my daughter and was like, 'Guess what mommy did today? Danced with a shopping cart!' "

As for you fans who are waiting for a Terri and Emma (Jayma Mays) smackdown before the season's over...Well, don't hold your breath.

"Actually the season really ends on what I would call a high note," Jessalyn says of next week's finale. "It's really a joyous way to go out. I've never been a part of something like this, where we've really felt as though the fans made the show, in a true sense. To finish off this first season that was so unexpected that it would become such a part of the fabric of the country, I think that Ryan [Murphy] and the writers really wanted to thank the audience. What we did at the end of the first 13 was challenge everybody and unsettle everybody, but this time it's saying, here are some huge numbers, and thank you so much for creating us...and we'll be back. It's amazing."

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OK, but what about her character's seemingly creeptastic feelings toward Sheets N' Things new assistant to the assistant manager Finn, whom we are reminded is only 16?! It sure doesn't sound like there'll be anything salacious/illegal.

"What happened was completely by accident," Jessalyn says of Terri's kindly feelings toward Finn. "She sees in Finn so much of what she saw in Will when she first met him because he's the same age as Will was. It's her way of remembering happier times—when she used to be kind to Will. And she realizes, here's a chance to be supportive of this kid."

If Jessalyn does return for season two, she predicts it probably won't be all about Will or the love triangle with Emma.

"I think we've earned the dynamic of first Terri and Will, then Terri and Emma, that threesome. And that will always be fun to revisit, but I also think Terri does have to form her own relationships and get her own storylines."

We're sure that letter is in the mail, so pitch your best season-two storylines for Terri now, Gleeks! Which character would you love to see her hooked up with? (You cannot say Finn, by penalty of ew.) And what did you think of last night's epsiode? Is anyone else feeling as heartbroken by Jesse (Jonathan Groff) as Rachel was? Count me in as one Gleek who thought they were the real deal.

Reporting by Megan Masters


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