Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert brought their dancimosity to Radio City Music Hall last night.

Yay for the Jumbotron, because that enables us to better see the sweet moves that ensued when O'Brien's Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour touched down in New York.

Stemming from the faux battle that ensued on Comedy Central and NBC when the quick-witted trio kept claiming that one had begat the other, Colbert and Stewart made an appearance Monday to settle things the old-fashioned way: via the art of the dance.

"Well, Conan O'Brien," said Colbert as he lay on the ground after supposedly rupturing his hamstring, "now that I am defeated, you and that rusty sea urchin you call a beard are, now and forever, hereby bequeathed by me..."

"Don't you dare, Stephen Colbert!" boomed Stewart, who was in the audience, just waiting for his moment. "I will be your legs...That is not how the basic cable boys go down, not tonight!"

And oh how they grooved.

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