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Anyone up for a good ole fashioned love triangle—this time of the married variety?

The Little Life Unexpected That Could has been renewed for a second season—hallelujah!—but that doesn't mean everything's coming up roses when it returns. In fact, Shiri Appleby, Kris Polaha and Kerr Smith tease big, obstacle-y things ahead. Oh, boy...

Show runner extraordinaire Liz Tigelaar was already hard at work on LUX's second year long before the pickup, and while the cast isn't back at work just yet, Appleby is privy to a few scoopy deets in the lives of Cate, Baze Ryan and Lux.

"Liz actually rented an apartment in my building in New York this spring, so we spent weeks hanging out in the city and talked a lot about it. And she's got incredible ideas," Appleby tells us. "The show's going to get a lot bigger."

 Like..."Cate and Ryan are now married, and there are going to be some obstacles they're going to have to work through," she says. "And Cate's job might be up in the air at some point." No, not the radio show!

Sorry, we're OK. Don't worry, Shiri totally clarified a few of those "obstacles" for us right then and there. "All I will say is that it's very common knowledge that the first year of marriage is very difficult. We are going to put that to the test," she teases. "Just because she married him doesn't mean she doesn't still have feelings for Baze."

Adds Smith: "It's not even your typical love triangle; it's more of an isosceles type of love triangle. It's really screwed up and weird."

Kris, on the other hand, is all about Team Baze...with or without Cate—'cause he's just all gangster like that. "Marriage is an important institution, and Baze will respect it," Kris tells us. "Which means Baze is going to have a new love interest. There's some fun stuff about to happen. And instead of Cate and Baze having that [back and forth], he's going to be there for her. And they're going to raise Lux together."

Squeeee! Is it September yet?!

Not quite, but since we love to toot our horns just a little around these parts, fill the LUX void with a fun look at Kerr, Kris, Shiri and Austin Basis (Math) thanking E! and the fans for all the Save One Show support. Basically, you guys rock!

Everyone down with season two of LUX, give a big whoo-hoo in the comments section, and fill the void until September with the Life Unexpected pilot tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW—in its official new timeslot!


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