Jesse James, eBay Auction

Now, we're not experts on the breadth of the photo archives over there at Jesse James HQ, but surely there was a better picture on hand to prove the legitimacy of his up-for-auction model plane than, well, that one.

But apparently the tech geeks at West Coast Choppers disagreed and thought nothing would better offset the craftsmanship of that German Red Baron than James' Nazi cap, Heil salute and, the pièce de résistance, Hitler finger mustache.

So much for damage control.

The item was on the block as part of WCC's "spring cleaning" sale, in which various "treasures out of the back of the shop" were put on eBay.

Last we checked, bidding had topped out around $205.

But don't go running to PayPal just yet. For the moment, it appears the auction has been pulled down, and we haven't heard back from Team Jesse on exactly why.

There are still other oddities up for sale by the James Gang.

An equally (if not more so) questionable collectible on the auction block is the coffin couch that once sat in James' office at WCC. What's the significance?

Well, alert listeners of The Howard Stern Show may remember Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's disclosure just last month that she and James frequently got it on on—any guesses?—the coffin couch that sat in James' office at WCC.

All it takes to own that piece of pop culture history is $1,625. Granted, with five days left of the sale, it's still a relative bargain. It's the cost of disinfectant that'll bankrupt you.

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