Tiger Woods

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

"Either the injury is real or maybe an Academy Award is in his future."

—A Players Tournament attendee on whether Tiger Woods' recent injury (or possible "injury") that knocked him out of the tourney was legit.

The golfin' gabber was in attendance at T.W.'s press conference (sitting near Tiger's mom, what an honor) and was suspect, to say the least…

Me too, obviously. Tiger's game was totally off—well, at least his golf game. Sure he could have scored with the country club hussie crowd, but Tiger was über-paranoid about even the slightest slip-up—and a doctor-prescribed "get out of jail free" card was the best way to save face.

So what changed our Sawgrass spy's mind about Tiger's convenient neck injury?

When he shook Woods' hand after the press conference, Tiger grimaced.

Must have been quite the hand shake—or the performance of the year by Tiger, right? But hey—we all know the dude can put on a pretty good act: He made us all think he wasn't a sleazy d-bag for the longest time!

And the Oscar goes to…


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