Jennifer Aniston


Dear Ted:
I'm years behind, but I just saw Jennifer Aniston in both The Good Girl and Friends With Money and realized that she can act her butt off! I was majorly impressed and emotionally touched by her performance in both films! Why does she hide her considerable talent by consistently doing lame, formulaic rom-coms?
Celeb Obsessed

Dear Friend:
You're totally right, Jen has done a few movies that have left us wondering the same question. But you gotta remember that this is H'wood and the movies that have done the best in the box office, in J.A.'s case, are those lame rom-coms.

Dear Ted:
I haven't adopted a pet yet but I'm about to become an aunt to my sister's rescue so maybe I can get you to give me another clue on Moisty Mohr? I'm totally stumped and don't like it! Is he on a cable show or a network show? Is he on a drama, comedy or reality/news show? Love you and team A.T.!!

Dear Deets:
He does both cable and network. He is not very pretty. He is most egotistical, and he's quite rich. All crazy catnip for the (even crazier) babes!

Dear Ted:
Tell me you have watched Spartacus: Blood and Sand? It's a decent show...good on the eyes! Any scoop on the actor who plays Spartacus, Andy Whitfield? Thanks!

Dear Scoop:
Agreed, Whitfield is totally smokin', but since he's based Down Under, he's a far cry from any of the guys who behave badly around here!

Dear Ted:
Aside from last names, what does Moisty Mohr have in common with Jay Mohr?

Dear Basic Question:

Dear Ted:
I'm dying for any fresh Robsten news. I know it's pathetic but I don't care—it's a nice distraction from what's going on in the world. So let's get down to brass tacks. There was an article on L&S mag's site from March 2 saying Rob confirmed his relationship with Kristen and they were all over each other at his premiere, blah, blah, blah. Is there truth to any of it? We'd all be doing cartwheels if it were true, but I'm not going to do a running start until you confirm. Please confirm, wise one.

Dear Updates:
Well, darling, next week is in fact the one-year anniversary of all things Robsten, and we will be having a little celebration here at the A.T. That's a lie. It'll be a great big one!

Dear Ted:
It makes me so sad that people are constantly hating on Miley Cyrus. I'm the same age as her, and I cannot imagine that many people saying horrible things about me like they do to her. I wish people would lay off. You don't have to like her, but she at least deserves your respect. She doesn't always make the best decisions in accordance to her fan base or her age, but it's her life, not yours.

Dear Teen:
Don't be sad. Miley wanted this life and that includes the criticism. Take it or leave it.

Dear Ted:
Am I the only one who thinks Jake "The Bachelor" Pavelka is a total boob? That picture of him in the turtleneck shirt and the phone on his pocket makes him look even worse. I also have it on good authority that when he was in college he had his eyes on the guys not the ladies. Heard anything about this?

Dear After the Final Rose:
Agree, the dude can seem like a boob and his sense of style has taken a huge hit since leaving The Bachelor. As far as your insider dish, haven't heard anything. All anyone hears is how totally in love he is with Vienna.

Dear Ted:
Every time you write about Miley Cyrus, it's more disturbing. Are Billy Ray and his wife such fame whores that "anything goes"? Haven't we all been down this road before with the Spears and the Lohans? The public hasn't seen it yet, but how much longer before massive substance abuse is in this one's future? It doesn't seem anyone in that family has their head screwed on straight. Take care.

Dear In the Family:
Billy Ray and Tish should learn from the mistakes of the Lohan and Spears clans. There could be a lot for them to learn from these families' mistakes, no?

Dear Ted:
So since Jacob and Bella won Best Couple at the Kids' Choice Awards, do you think this means we'll be seeing Kristen and Taylor share a smooch at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss this year? I'll admit I'm kinda for Taysten right now, so I'm hoping it'll be hot. And since Robsten hooked up after the MTV Movie Awards last year maybe we'll see a Taysten hookup too? Hey, a girl can dream.

Dear Death to Smoochy:
Don't hold your breath. She's into the more brooding types, and T.L. def does not fit the bill.

Dear Ted:
Hmmm...something smells fishy with Moisty Mohr. I think he's got something to prove because of those nasty rumors about his (lack of) bedroom skills. I'm so disappointed in him because he actually has a lot of talent. Even though he's strictly TV, he's been seen on the big screen recently, hasn't he?

Dear Proven:
Very little.

Dear Ted:
First off, I'd like to say, stay the hell away from women in leather underwear (Truth, Lies & Ted flashback). Secondly, what's up with Nikki Reed as of late? Is she still hot 'n' heavy with her billionaire boyfriend or was that just a "thing"? Just curious. Love always!

Dear Hot and Heavy:
We definitely didn't think that Paris Latsis and Nikki were a dynamic couple at first. We thought he was into the Barbie type, since he used to date Paris Hilton and all. But Nikki and Paris are totally cute together, and so very low-key. Stunner, huh?

Dear Ted:
Could you please, please, answer me this question: Why does the media keep on calling the women who slept with married men, like J. James and Tiger, and told the world about it in details, mistresses? It seems to me that a mistress is someone you put up in an apartment that you pay for, and give her a certain lifestyle that you pay for, in exchange for her favors and her silence. The Tiger and Jessie women, if I can still call them that without throwing up, are not mistresses (not that I condone that behavior either), they're a quick lay in the hay. They are simply skunks on the road that these jerks on their way to work picked up for a spur-of-the-moment.

Dear Definition:
Well, darling, sometimes the women have had long-term affairs with these men, like Bombshell McGee. Maybe your definition of mistress is something else, but it definitely fits a broad variety of affairs, as evidenced by Jesse and Tiger.

Dear Ted:
How is Katie Holmes doing? I'm really worried about her! I've seen recent pictures of her in public and she does seem less depressed, but still looks like she's being held captive. Is her marriage to Tom Cruise a contract or "real love"?
Free Katie

Dear Cruising:
Katie has totally embraced her motherhood role—who wouldn't with a daughter as cute as Suri? Now, as to that marriage...


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