Tina Fey, Matt Damon


As if you needed another reason to bow down and worship (seethe with envy over?) the awesomeness that is Tina Fey, sources are spilling a ridiculously good one.

NBC has confirmed that Matt Damon is joining 30 Rock this season, and here's what show insiders tell me exclusively about what Matt will be doing, and for how long...

Spoiler Alert:

According to sources close to the show, the current plan is for Matt to be a love interest for Tina Fey!

That's right, first Liz Lemon hooks up with Jon Hamm, then James Franco then James Franco's pillow and now this.

Though 30 Rock's producers are still hammering out all the details, sources tell me NBC is hoping to get Matt on for multiple episodes. However, Matt is shooting another project this spring, so it all depends on Matt's schedule and whether 30 Rock can be squeezed in. So at this point only one Damon-Lemon episode is guaranteed, but there may be more.

One thing is certain: Sarah Silverman is gonna be pissed.

Oh, and Floyd can eat his heart out.


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