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Us Magazine

Oh, Jesse James.

We're not sure how many Nazi-channeling photos need to surface of you and your purported paramours before the "ha ha, we're kidding...and edgy!" defense no longer covers it. But we're getting closer to finding out.

The newly rehabbing Monster Garager picked a good time to retreat from the public eye, as two more potentially character-killing bombshells have dropped, doing their best to further unravel what's left of his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

The first is an ill-conceived, unfortunate, though not all that surprising photo of James donning a Nazi cap, making a "heil" salute and, as if that weren't enough, using his fingers to imitate a Hitler mustache.

Well, if nothing else, it's nice to find someone you can share your interests with.

The photo, obtained by Us Weekly, was reportedly taken back in 2004, when Jesse and Sandra were dating but not yet married, and was reportedly done for shock value, not for any kind of show of neo-Nazi allegiance. Sound familiar?

Believe it or not, his Hitler hijinks may not be the worst news Team Jesse has to deal with today.

Jesse James, Eric McDougall, Skittles Valentine, Life and Style

Life and Style

Life & Style has a report of an alleged foursome James and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee participated in last year with another couple (though for those keeping track at home, the man-man was the only combo that didn't materialize during the alleged romp).

The magazine quotes Skittles Valentine, along with her inked-up tattoo artist boyfriend Eric McDougall, saying the alleged encounter took place after they met last June (while Bullock was promoting The Proposal) at the Ink-n-Iron tattoo festival after McDougall filled in, of all things, an octopus tattoo for Jesse free of charge.

Though he certainly seems to be paying now.

Finally, Radar claims that yet another alleged mistress is waiting in the wings, plotting her coming-out party to the world...for the right price.

James' camp has yet to comment on any of the stories. But we won't hold our breath.


Relive the way they were with a click through our Sandra & Jesse: Monster Love gallery.

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