Daniel Dae Kim, Lost

Bob D'Amico/ABC

It's the island's newest mystery: Will any of our favorite Lost stars survive the series finale?

No, no. Not the characters. The actors!

First Evangeline Lilly shows off her crazy bruises. Then we hear about Michael Emerson getting a black eye. And now Daniel Dae Kim (who knocked it out of the part in last night's episode) tells me he took a trip to the emergency room after slicing open his hand.

So what the @#$& is going on on that island?!

Here's the scoop from Dan:

"We were shooting a sequence that involves swimming," Dan explains. "And I actually ripped open my hand on a stray drywall screw that was underwater. I had to run to the hospital to get my hand glued up. They were going to stitch it up, but they decided against it because they thought I might have to go back in the water again and they were worrying about infection. So they ended up gluing it so it was a more watertight seal."

It seems the final episodes are intensely physical for many of the Lost stars. And while Dan says his hand is healing just fine, "There are some bumps and bruises along the way for everyone, I think." Then he adds with a laugh, "People are asking me if I'm going to take any souvenir from the show, but I don't need a piece of the show; it's taken a piece of me! I will have this scar as a souvenir."

After DDK's gripping performance in last night's Lost (warning: if you did not tear up when Jin saw his daughter for the first time, you might be dead inside), he advises fans not to jump to any conclusions about the fate of his and Sun's (Yunjin Kim) baby. (Remember, pregnant Sun was shot in the belly in the Sideways world.)

"I can say that, as with everything on the show, things often are not as they appear," Dan teases. "With the baby and the relationship between Sun and Jin, I think people who are expecting things to turn out one particular way may be very surprised."

Daniel Dae Kim, Lost

Mario Perez/ABC

DDK, who is the first and only Lost castmember so far to be swooped up for a new TV series—he's starring in CBS' already buzzed-about Hawaii Five-O pilot alongside Alex O'Loughlin—tells me they're shooting the Lost series finale now, and some precautions have been taken to prevent spoilers:  "None of the actors, to the best of my knowledge, received the full script. I believe some scenes may be missing, because there are certain things that are set in motion that aren't completed in what I have. That said, even without those scenes, I found the finale incredibly powerful. So much so that after I finished reading what I received, I had to sit for a few minutes after I closed the last page, just to reflect on it."

Why such an intense response? "Because it's big and it's significant," DDK explains. "It's very emotionally resonant. I was satisfied by it. At its heart, Lost is a story about characters. There is a lot of sci-fi to it, but it's all very human. The stakes are very real. It's relatable. I really had to sit there in silence for a while because it meant a lot to me."

The end of Lost is emotional behind the scenes as well.

"I have one more day of shooting," DDK reveals. "It's a swirl of emotions. In some sense, it's really relaxed and easy on set. Like senior week in high school. You know the last day of school is coming, we're all ready to get there. At the same time, it's emotional for me to go to some certain sets and see that I may never see this set after today or I may never get a chance to work with this person after today. So of course there's sadness it's all ending, too."

Stand by for my exclusive first interview with Daniel about his new Five-O gig, plus what he tells me about which Kwon is the real candidate…

Any bets? Sun? Jin? Their daughter Ji Yeon? Wishes to DDK for a speedy recovery? Kudos on last night's ep? The comments are yours for the taking...


Check me out on AOL's Instant Dharma, dishing on last night's Lost...

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