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Was that surprising return at the end of tonight's Lost episode worth the wait? Indeed it was, my friends, because just wait til you hear what comes next!

We have much to discuss after tonight's episode, so get in here:

Henry Ian Cusick


Desmond Is Back, Brutha! For all of you who've been bitching asking about when Henry Ian Cusick will return, you now have you answer and I can tell you that you will see much more of him in the coming weeks. On behalf of Lost fans everywhere, I would just like to say: Holler!!! It turns out Desmond is very special, and you'll soon see why he had to be brought to the island.

Sucks to Be You, Kate: Looks like the show's leading lady (Evangeline Lilly) is not only not a candidate to replace Jacob, Miss Austen is also ultimately expendable as far as the Locke Mess Monster (Terry O'Quinn) is concerned. Spoiler Alert: This, coupled with the news that there will be a couple major deaths coming up has me a wee, concerned. Could they really kill off Kate? It is the end, so anything is possible.

Will Sun and Jin's Daughter Survive? We now know that Jin and Sun are most definitely soul mates, because even in the Sideways world, they're still gettin' all jiggy with their nonmarried selves and making babies. Of course, Sun's father Mr. Paik is still an ass and wants Jin dead. And now that Sun has been shot in the belly--damn you Darlton!--we now see that there is at least one Sideways reality which is not the preferred ending. (Rose and Bernard also come to mind.) Here's hoping Sun and Jin find each other on that dang island and end the show in the island reality.

Daniel Dae Kim, Lost

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Thanks, Josh Holloway! When I last interviewed Josh Holloway, he told me he was sick of being the shirtless one all the time, and nominated Daniel Dae Kim for the honor. "He's a gym rat," he joked. "Make him do it!" Cut to: Jin in the hotel room tonight, and me currently hand-writing out a thank you card that begins "Dear Mr. Holloway." It was certainly a great episode for DDK fans, especially with his heart-tugging performance in that scene where he sees photos of his daughter for the first time. Well done.

Important Line of the Night: "If [the Man in Black] gets off the island, your daughter, my daughter, everyone we know and love would simply cease to be," Widmore tells Jin.

Zinger on the Night: Ben: "Why won't you believe me?" Ilana: "Cause you're speaking." Me: LOL. Score one, Ilana!

Clue from Tonight's Ep: Sun forgetting English tonight is indicative of the two worlds not being so far apart as you think.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


More Desmond. Next week you will most certainly get your Henry Ian Cusick fix in what just might be my favorite episode of the season. (OK, maybe second favorite after last week's Richard Alpert backstory.)  It's a deeply emotional episode that will make you smile--if you aren't made of stone. It involves some surprising old friends coming back into the mix in the Sideways world. And someone seeing "the truth."

Four-Letter Word: Last week I teased to you that a four-letter word is what Lost is ultimately all about, and by the end of the next episode it will be obvious what that word is. Your final clue: It has an "E" in it, and it's a good thing.

Check back later for my exclusive post-episode chat with DDK (Daniel Dae Kim)! And in the meantime, use the comments to weigh in on what you think about tonight's episode, and my new burning question: What the heck are they gonna do in the end with Kate? And who will die?

Want to throw a lifeline to a your favorite TV straggler? Watch With Kristin's Save One Show campaign is back. Lost isn't on the list but some other good shows are.

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