DWTS, Kate Gosselin


We all witnessed Kate Gosselin's little temper tantrum on Dancing With the Stars Monday night (if you weren't privy to her antics, take a peek here), but what we didn't get was an explanation.

Ironically, the reality mom seems to think last week was the issue.

"From a personal perspective, last week there was terror," Kate told us following her jumbled jive. "I definitely checked out for a minute and didn't know where I was, didn't know what was happening. This week, I was totally with him."

Hmmm, were we watching the same show?

"I actually had fun at times, like wow, this is really fun," Kate went on. Again, huh?!

If by fun, Kate is referring to the constant nagging that made her abundantly patient partner Tony Dovolani quit midrehearsal, she must go by a much broader definition of the word.

We do have to hand it to her, though. Normally the consummate perfectionist, she really seems to be OK with her less than perfect dance moves.

"I'm not going to expect a perfect performance," she said. "It was the steps or smiling, and I just wanted to have fun. Honestly. I was determined to complete it, and I never stopped."

And all bickering aside, Tony agrees: "For me the number one goal is always to complete the dance. And the other rule is when jiving, keep bouncing and that's exactly what she did."

Will Kate's lackluster moves send her home tonight, or is she here for the long haul?

Shower your comments below.


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