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Yesterday, Ricky Martin—the man who had millions of ladies dripping sweat as they shook their bon bons—came out as a "fortunate homosexual man" via a letter on his official website.

The Latin sensation's coming out party could have been big, controversial news, but the general reception was that the announcement was no big deal, tho people were quick to chime in with a congrats. Us, too!

So if Ricky could come out of the closet so successfully, why are Toothy Tile and the like afraid to admit they're gay?

The big thing to consider is the difference in their careers. Is it easier for musicians to come out than for actors? The answer seems to be an overwhelming hell yes.

In the past few years, Adam Lambert and Lance Bass have come out of the closet to join the ranks of Elton John and Melissa Etheridge as established musicians who succeed despite their sexuality. Ellen did it, as well, but, she's in that safer zone of comic/TV personality, à la Rosie.

As for Hollywood leading actors? Very few stars—bar Neil Patrick Harris and Meredith Baxter—have come out within the past year. And don't be fooled, these two (as well as many in the past) didn't come out exactly willingly, but were outed by the media.

Ricky definitely deserves props for coming out before he was forced to do so—no matter what goss or speculation existed about his sexuality, he chose to reveal his personal life. Yet, even despite being a musician and not a movie star, R.M. already had an established career and enough money to rest on comfortably—let's keep that in mind.

At least Adam pulled the revelation stuff from the get-to, pretty much.

T2 and other D.L. dudes like Crotch Uh-Lastic, Crescent Kumquat and Judas Jack-Off are in the primes of their careers, where the perks of being honest about their personal lives don't come close to trumping their career fears—especially when people still claim gay actors can't be convincing playing straight roles.

I don't want to put a sour note on Ricky's coming out, but sadly we're still a long way from H'wood feeling comfortable enough to be gay and damn proud of it.

Until then, Toothy and his cohorts will remain trapped in their closets—and in their Blind Vices. Not a perfect scenario, sorry.


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