Brigitte Daguerre


The high road has claimed another of Jesse James' alleged hookups. Sort of.

Classy Lady No. 3, Brigitte Daguerre, a photographer who worked on some West Coast Chopper photo shoots, has released a statement of regret about her behavior with Sandra Bullock's hubby, and clarified the extent of their relationship.

"This mess was a series of unfortunate events that I regret deeply," she told E! News. "One of which was confiding in someone I thought was a friend. Most of what I have read and heard is untrue or wildly exaggerated."

Like what? Record, prepare to be straightened…

"People I never spoke with are quoting me saying things I never said. Jesse and I were friends, he was never at my home, he never paid for my home and he never gave me any money."

Not that she's short on offers at the moment.

"I've had a few offers for $30,000 to tell my story, but I have turned the money down. I'm not a model anymore and do not want the attention."

That makes two. Now if only alleged mistresses No. 1 and 2 could have followed suit.


Get a load of all of Jesse's Classy Ladies.

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