Adam Lambert

Ringo / Jesal Parshotam,

American Idol rock star Adam Lambert strutted his stuff leaving a bowling alley in London over the weekend. Glammed out with his signature look—heavy guyliner, superstyled hair and leather threads—A.L. always stands out in a crowd. You know, sort of like Katie Holmes does when she tries to shop for shoes at Barneys incognito—never works.

So we got to thinking...What if Lambert ditched the glitter and glam?

Don't get us wrong, we totally support the fact that the dude isn't shy about his style choices. Hey, who are we to tell him what to wear, right? We're just curious how different his career would be if he didn't have all his Phantom of the Opera meets rock star gimmicks to fall back on—you know, the controversial look, the controversial performances, blah blah blah.

May be an unpopular opinion, but we gotta say it: We're pretty sure Adam tossed away the Idol title with his final A.I. performance of that lame-ass Kara DioGuardi song. It was like Liberace came back from the dead to do a vampired-out Céline Dion impersonation.

Indeed, anyone who thought Adam's final performances wouldn't be too much for the Midwest mommies voting for their fave singer is delusional.

But sparkly looks and sexy and theatrical performances are a staple for gals like Lady Gaga, so why can she pull off such a divalicious persona while Lambert sometimes can't quite? Is it just America playing on the double standards of women and men, especially gay men, once again?

Or is Adam really just too over the top?

In his video for the Pink-penned song "What Do You Want From Me," A.L. contrasts his usual vamp-rocker appeal with a dressed-down but still rockin' look. In a black tee with messy hair and less makeup plastered on his puss, Adam still looks damn good.

So which Adam style do you prefer—and, the better question really, why?


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