Jennifer Aniston, Gerald Butler

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Can't she ever catch a break?

First we note how Jennifer Aniston always wears the same kind of outfit, perhaps hoping to nudge the gorgeous and talented actress into some new sartorial adventurousness. (Better to be madcap with fashion than romance, we always say. Except when we say the complete opposite, which happens.)

Anyway, then there's this salmon-colored Christian Lacroix dress she wore to the Paris premiere of the The Bounty Hunter...

Luckily, most people were paying more attention to whether she and Gerard Butler were holding hands or whatever, but then we had to go and look at the dress. 

Jen, it just doesn't do you justice.

As much as we think mixing it up is better than playing it safe, sometimes taking a risk can go awry and, well, this one did. Still, better trying out a new look on the red carpet than a new boyfriend, right? Right?

Anyway, that's just us. What do you think about it? Put it in the comments.


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