Derek Hough, Nicole Scherzinger, Dancing with the Stars


Nicole Scherzinger has been dating champion race-car driver Lewis Hamilton for about two years, but that doesn't mean she's anxious for him to put a ring on it.

"The guy who marries me is going to be with me forever because I'm very traditional," the Pussycat Dolls singer, 31, tells me. "There's no rush. I just want to make sure it's the right time for everything. And I'm also really married to my work. It takes up all of my time."

And that work now includes competing on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

Asked if she's worried about the inevitable romance rumors that will pop up about her and dancing partner Derek Hough, Scherzinger laughs…

"There can't be any romance rumors because we've already had kids together," she jokes. "And we're already married!"

In all seriousness, Hough, 24, says there's definitely no love connection because "Nicole is like my sister."

But it wasn't like that when they first met. "I was kind of intimidated," Hough admits. "It was like she was this fierce kind of person. But then I realized she's so sweet, so goofy and a lot of fun."

As for Hough's own love life, he says, "Nothing's really going on. I've just been working pretty hard."

Especially on their jive routine for Monday's performance show. "This is the most non-stop jive I have ever done on the show," Hough says. "But it's going to be good—real good."

Scherzinger adds, "I feel really blessed because Derek is the friggin' coolest guy alive. He's like the male version of me. This was just meant to be."


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