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For Survivor's James Clement, Heroes vs. Villains meant no more Mr. Nice Guy.

But the ousted Castaway told us he is just another victim of manipulative editing and unintentional "tone issues" in his speech—which, by the way, oozed with charm during our conversation.

Read on for more on the misunderstood cheerleader (and his mama!)...

Did you know you were going home this week?
Kind of, but not really. When I figured out I really couldn't run and maybe something was really wrong with me, I kinda waived all the alliance stuff and I told 'em straight up: "I really want y'all to win [and] pull it together as a team...Don't feel obligated to vote for me just because I'm in your alliance. I really want the best for y'all."

What if you'd won immunity?
I would've played it. I would've stayed on the shore and sucked it up—I'll hobble, I'll limp. I would've kept myself in the game just to be around these people and learn from them—not [necessarily] to benefit myself and win the money, but just to grow as a person.

Who was next in pecking order?
was pretty much done. And she knew it. And I love it. Candice [a medical student] constantly kicked that doctor stuff, like it was official [when I was injured]: "I'm a doctor, and you're done"—she was saying that as soon as it happened. She saw her opportunity and she took it. So Candice was gone.

What were your relationships like with your other tribemates?
It's crazy how people use political correctness and social manner to their own benefit. Because for the life of me, I don't see how one person saying "Hey, let's work as a team" [is wrong]. For them to be coming in such an aggressive nature towards me, [I was] like, "Wow. Why you doing that? That's just not acceptable."

You can try to say that I'm being rude—my girlfriend says I have "tone issues" and people have told me the way I come across sometimes might be a little bit rough—but if you listen to what I'm saying, I'm trying to work together. The more you win, the more you have fun, the more stuff you get, the better camp life is gonna be.

My voice might be a little bit deeper, and I'm from Louisiana, I might be a little bit louder. But don't let [the others'] happy sweet voices fool you. They're saying the same things.

Aside from the banana etiquette, I really learned a lot these last couple years. I didn't realize I come across as aggressive. I thought that was just how I sound.

But your voice hasn't changed since previous seasons, when you came off as a nice guy. So what was different this time?
It's called editing! I love it. It's called TV, baby. It is amazing. I love everything reality—I watch Project Runway, I watch everything—you can't believe how they're being portrayed on TV. It's wonderful how people walk up to me and say, "You're being so mean." Really? I'm being mean because I'm saying let's work as a team? Come on. Obviously, that's just craziness.

But it hurt my mama's feelings. Poor thing. [She said:] "Oh, they're being mean to my baby. You look like you're crazy!" That's the thing that's upsetting about it. Besides that, I love it. 'Cause it's TV. I like the way they manipulate stuff in their own light. Honestly, in China I was waaay more aggressive, because it sucked in China. If you didn't work as a team, I kinda got on you. But they made it look like I was a great person, [while in Heroes vs. Villains] they made it seem like I was the evilest thing ever. Survivor giveth and Survivor taketh away.

What would you say to fans who are so disappointed about how you've been portrayed?
Just be nice to my mama. My mama has been getting the brunt of it, poor thing, and she's kinda upset. Come up to me and tell me whatever you feel like and we'll discuss it...Everybody don't have to see eye to eye. Just take it easy with my mama.

Do you think James is a victim of manipulative editing? Is he really a teddy bear with a gruff voice...or more villain than hero? Let your (one) voice be heard in the comments.


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