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Dancing With The StarsKarina Smirnoff—who competed on the show for seven seasons ('tho sadly never nabbed the top honor)—hit the Last Song red carpet last week to support her old dancing partner, Billy Ray Cyrus. We chatted with the ultra elegant chick—who keeps up with the kickin' show even though she's no longer on it—about the current crop of stars and the diva battle between Pam Anderson and Kate Gosselin.

So which blonde is Karina rooting for? Or did she throw us for a loop and pick one of the less buzzed-about babes like Shannen Doherty or Erin Andrews?

None of ‘em.

Shannen D.'s low profile may have us convinced she’s not the total bitch we thought she was, but it's also not getting her any attention. And Andrews is partnered up with Karina’s ex-fiancé, so we know she’s not rooting for that duo.

But what about DWTS’s bigger divas?

“Um, you know what—no.” Karina blabbed when we asked if she had a preference between the two. But she had plenty to say about both women.

On the much-maligned TV mommy: "I don’t have kids, but my close friend does and she only has one and I can see how much work it is, so having eight kids? Like, I can totally understand Kate wanting to do her hair and makeup and put on outfits and actually enjoy herself 'cause her job is probably twenty four-seven.”

Well, gosh, it doesn’t seem like Kate’s that busy lately—at least not with her parental duties. Kate’s had no problem making time for dance rehearsals, publicity tours, and multiple trips to the hair salon to get new extensions put in to her ratty 'do.

And for the busty bombshell, Karina only had compliments, too: "When I saw Pamela Anderson dance, I think she did a great job because people were definitely looking at her through a microscope and I thought she swung her hair and she did her little bit and I think she was super sexy. I liked it. And her partner is mad-hot too. That helps."

Duh. We’re positive Pam (with partner Damian Whitewood) is going to shimmy her way to the tops of the score board week after week—that is, until they make her buckle down with some bore of a dance like the Vienna waltz.

So who is Karina rooting for, if not any of the chicks?

"Anne and Evan." The beaut proudly gushed. "I think it's very admirable that Evan actually signed up to do Dancing With The Stars straight after the Olympics. I’m sure his schedule was ridiculously busy getting ready for the Olympics and now he went into yet another busy schedule. And the Russians haven't won yet so I’m kind of hoping for a Russian to go all the way."

That's swell and all, but Ev already got a gold medal this year. We'd much rather see one of these fiery females take home the disco ball.

Wouldn't you all?


Who are you rooting for? Check out all the contestants in our DWTS: Season 10 gallery.

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