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Our fave hip-shaker, Shakira, stopped in to the newest Miami hotspot, Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, earlier this week with some pals. Our sleuth inside the ultra-trendy restaurant dished that the Columbia cutie and company sipped on a couple pitchers of sangria during their stay.

So did the belly-dancing babe show off some of her signature skills once the booze started flowing?

Sadly, no.

Seems Shakira enjoyed a relaxing night while munching on goat cheese croquettes, bacon wrapped dates, and Kobe beef sliders with her group of business types friends. No sign of her fiancé anywhere—how Marisa Tomei of her to leave the man at home.

But the songstress caught our spy's eye another way: by how damn beautiful she is. The goss dished that Shakira was just another "simple girl in jeans and a white T-shirt, albeit one that can work her hips like no other."

Another hottie having a quiet night on the town was...

Gerard Butler, who was out at Nobu's second anniversary party in Los Angeles Wednesday Night. Gerry may have been minus one Jen Aniston, but he certainly wasn't hurting for company. Geez, is this becoming a pattern for the chick-magnet or what?

No, instead of wooing the 100-pound babes at every turn inside the restaurant, GB stuck close to two of his guy-pals yet again inside. At least, that was during the beginning part of the night. Later on, it seems, he found some exotic gal-pals to ease his female loneliness.

"Gerard looked hot, but he looked really thin," dishes one of our sources inside. Hmm, seems Gerry must still be paying close attention to keeping his physic toned and not squishy.

The Bounty Hunter star looked quite svelte in a leather jacket that perfectly accompanied his facial scruff. It was much more groomed than Brad Pitt's gangly mess he's still got going on. Big yuck. Jen you may just be moving up in the man world after all!

And someone who definitely was in no mood to socialize...

The legendarily bitchy Joan Collins, who stopped by the Lloyd Klein boutique in Los Angeles to support her daughter-in-law Angela Newley. Bedecked in black and looking stunning as usual, J.C. snapped a couple photos with the model glamazons showcasing the designer's latest collection before "literally bulldozed her way through the crowd of about 30 and heading back to the private room."

Others stars at the shindig who were having a much fabber were little-seen actress Shannon Elizabeth—who sent her time chatting with Dancing with the Stars' Edyta Sliwinska—and singer Natalie Cole, who our source describes as "the piece de resistance of the afternoon." Classy!

—Additonal reporting by Taryn Ryder


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