Jesse James

Looks like Jesse James has more to worry about than dodging Bombshells.

Sandra Bullock's suddenly estranged husband and a shutterbug traded citizen's arrests today outside James' West Coast Choppers, bringing to a head the tension that's been growing between James and the paparazzi over the past week.

Police confirm to E! News that they were called to the scene by unnamed photographer, who claimed his car was vandalized by James.

When the cops arrived, James then launched into his version of the story, telling Long Beach's finest that he was the real victim in the situation as that particular paparazzo had been stalking him.

Yeah, him and the entire Western world.

In any case, the dueling duo took matters into their own hands, placing each other under citizen's arrests.

But the cops weren't playing that game, and didn't bother taking either of the testosterone-surging men into custody. They did, however, cite both men for their alleged crimes and made them each sign citizen's arrest reports.

"Neither of them was arrested," Sgt. Dina Zapalski told E! News. "It will be hashed out in court."

We'll see you there!


If it weren't for the paparazzi, we wouldn't have this Sandra & Jesse: Monster Love gallery! Not that we're taking sides or anything.

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