Gerard Butler

Greg Tidwell,

We don't really believe Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are dating.

But if by some chance the Bounty Hunter costars are an actual item, Mr. Butler may have some explaining to do.

He was in full on ladies' man mode when we spotted him last night at Nobu's second anniversary party in West Hollywood…

Butler arrived around 9 p.m. with a mostly female entourage. He paid particular attention to two exotic beauties who looked so much alike they could have been twins. There was a lot of whispering in each others' ears, hands on shoulders and even a kiss on one of the gals' cheeks.

The women never left Butler's side, even as he chatted with the countless other women who eagerly approached him throughout the night.

One of the few male members of his posse said Butler always rolls like this.

"Of course, he showed up with the ladies," he said. "He wouldn't go out if it weren't for all the ladies. Can you blame him?"

—Reporting by Dahvi Fischer


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