You'd think all that flirting with Simon Cowelland Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest—would put a girl in a better mood, but tonight that was definitely not the case for Kara DioGuardi.

In fact, from our seat right behind the judges table at Wednesday's American Idol elimination show, she looked downright mad!

What went down that threw Kara into a tizzy? And, oh yeah, did those real-life lovies Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato cuddle up behind the scenes? Here's what you need to know:

Believe it or not, Kara was upset by eliminee Paige Miles' parting song. No, not because she thought America had sent the wrong girl packin', but because after weeks of painfully pitchy vocals, Paige performed her swan song perfectly.

We couldn't help but imagine what Kara was thinking while shaking her head and flailing her arms in the air as Paige hit each and every high note, just as she had throughout her countless auditions, and here's what we came up with: "Are you kidding me?! Where was this last night? Or last week? Or the week before that?!" But again, we're only speculating.

And sorry to burst some tweeny bopper bubbles, but that Joe and Demi (aka Jemi) performance was pretty much the juiciest part of their interactions in front of the crowd at Idol. Nothing scandalous when the cameras were turned off.

They came. They sang. They looked supercute while doing so. They did a quick meet and greet with the contestants, with Joe and Tim Urban catching up (since Joe voted to put him through in Dallas). They schmoozed with the judges—mainly Kara and Demi, who are currently working together on a record. They left. From different sides of the stage. Oh, come on guys, give us something to talk about!

Little Miss Miley Cyrus also graced the Idol stage again, this time performing her hit single "Party in the U.S.A." and palling around with her, well, pal Ryan Seacrest between takes.

A few more fun notes:

Resident heartthrobs Casey James and Lee Dewyze embraced each other during the commercial break after finding out they were both safe. Then Casey let out a huge sigh of relief. (We did, too.)

Kara was nice enough to give Lee a little pep talk before the dreaded group performance. See? Those judges really do care.

If you couldn't tell yesterday, Miley is totally Team Lee. Ask anyone in the audience, they'll tell you.

Was Kara right to be upset that Paige waited so long to showcase her voice? Were you hoping to see more couply goodness from Jemi? Chat about it in the comments and let us know.


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