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"One of the greatest tribals yet! Wow." Um, really?

That's what Jeff Probst (misleadingly?) tweeted earlier today about tonight's double elimination. But were the ousted competitors—one from each tribe—that shocking? James was cruel (been there) and Russell put on a show (done that). Despite the puppetmaster's puffed-up performance, the only real surprise was the ousted Villain's self-acknowledged "stupidity."

Let's grab those torches and discuss... 

Tyson Apostol, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

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Return of the King: Tyson, Tyson, Tyson. You got played—and by the guy you told me earlier this year is "absolutely harmless" and "not that smart, really." But Russell, not Tyson, realized that the three-way tie was the only way to save his alliance. "That would be a genius move," said His Highness. "I don't know if they are that smart." Awesome Rob has the smahts—but not the power. Tonight Tyson not only sealed his own death warrant but probably Awesome Rob's as well. And Rob is smaht enough to realize that.

Clash of the Titans: In their midnight "show me yours" showdown, Russell and Rob warned each other, "Watch your back." Trouble is, more people are watching R.Hantz's back. (Especially his devoted knight, Coach who must be swooning after Russell's Tribal affirmation of loyalty!) And now that Courtney has called out Rob's "polarizing effect" on the tribe, the question is, which end of the Rob-Russell magnet will attract the most followers? Hard to say but if Russell starts washing his ass even Sandra might turn on Rob.

Survivor, Hero, James Clement

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Hero Olympics: Why wasn't James racing against Tom on the beach? Whatever, the Heroes finally did the right thing and voted off the handicapped glutton. Jeff is right: The Heroes tribe will become more unified as a result of the broken alliance. Maybe the vote of confidence will wake up "sleepy-ass" Colby. Superman returns!

Unless we're getting played like Tyson by the previews, Russell or Rob are on the chopping block for the Villains. As for the shiny, happy Heroes, Candice still seems like an outsider—but their numbers are dwindling quickly enough for them to consider cross-tribe alliances and popular players. Too close to call.

Did you hear those peculiar words of support J.T. and James shouted to Candice during the challenge showdown? "This is your honeymoon, girl! Your honeymoon night, baby, come on!" Here's the backstory, and it doesn't involve romance—at camp, anyway. At the Survivor reunion in January, Candice told me she is engaged and delayed her nuptials so she could compete this season. "I spent our original wedding day away from my fiancé [in Samoa], and I felt really awful about it." Not sure how eating hot dogs with a bunch of backstabbing tribemates compares to your wedding night...Single ladies, maybe you don't want James or J.T. to put a ring on it.

Enough with the wedding bells; let's talk funeral dirge: Whose torch do you think Jeff will snuff next? Cast your vote in our Heroes vs. Villains exit poll!

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Poll

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