Shenae Grimes

Louise Barnsley,

While most stars have learned to keep a low profile when out and about (besides Lohan, of course), 90210 babe Shenae Grimes was semi-scandalously chatting with her friends, loud and clear, in LA's Larchmont Village.

And she discussed some very weighty issues, can you guess what they were?

Let's find out what the poor-woman's answer to Brenda Walsh had to say for everybody to hear:

Yep, Shenae was blabbing away, at full vocal level, about her petite frame while her totally chill friends attempted to enjoy their sandwiches. You know, carbs and such?

A fellow diner got quite an earful when Shenae, who was slurping on a Jamba Juice, started talking about her controversial weight.

"I used to be 20 pounds lighter, but that's because I only ate wasn't on purpose, I was young," the 20 year-old Canadian blurted.

To which her friend replied, "Yeah, you were too skinny."

That was about the only response her friends could get in between the diva's stories, which were unintentionally hilarious.

When her friends mentioned that she looked tan, Shenae went on a rant about how the flashbulbs on the red carpet always wash her out in pictures so she is saying "f--k it" to fake tans and going for a more au natural bronze. "F--k it" seemed to be Shenae's favorite phrase, she exclaimed it multiple times.

Maybe Jesse James has found his next classy broad? Hmm. Back to all things Shenae, which is how she prefers it:

Ms G. also discussed just how busy she is, saying that she is "on the red carpet every other night." Sorry Shenae, but no one wants to hear you talk about your "busy" schedule or your cigarette-diet at lunch. Can't wait to hear how your co-stars defend you now.

Another celeb who was cruising Larchmont Boulevard was Punky Brewster herself...

Soleil Moon Frye. This hot mama was headed into the organic children's store that she owns, The Little Seed, too cute!

But more in a mood for adult fare on the opposite coast was...

Marisa Tomei, checking out the gallery/lounge Cafeina in South Beach. MT enjoyed an outdoor garden hip-hop/jazz show with a galpal. Where was hottie BF Logan Marshall Green?

Now he's a piece of art we'd like to see!


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