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Bachelor Jake Pavelka has entered our living rooms once more (just when we thought we were rid of him) through Dancing with the Stars, and an ex-girlfriend is now speaking out about his deception of America—and fiancee Vienna.

Jake, there is no way you can dance yourself out of this one:

The latest issue of Life & Style contains an exclusive interview with Jake's ex-GF Tanya Douglas, who claims Jake confessed his love to her throughout Bachelor tapings and even after his proposal to Vienna.

The darling former Jake honey tells the magazine Mr. P. was a totally different version of himself on the show, and he was "obsessed with being on TV," as well as being desperate for money. Shocker. We've smelled this before, you know.

Oh, and Douglas has evidence of the relaysh to back it up. Jake sent texts to Douglas during and after the show telling her that he was in love with only her. Too bad Romeo was dating 25 other women at the time.

OK people, let's remind ourselves of some recent incidents—you know, like the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals. Why do people think they can get away with texting their mistresses?

Let's learn a lesson from all of this. Whoever cheats via text is always caught thereafter.

Jeez, who the hell is next?


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