Taylor Swift, Cory Monteith


Precious alert! Taylor Swift and Glee cutie Cory Monteith were spotted out together in Los Angeles last night.

The pair, who has been wrongly relationship-linked a few times, had some good old fashion all-ages fun bowling at Pinz in Studio City.

So how lovey-dovey was the duo, pictured here closely chatting last night?

Don't worry, Cory (27) and Swift (20) kept it totally PG.

Damn, damn, damn.

Clearly, Taylor needs to make certain she's not heading into skanky John Mayer love hook-up territor and get her sweet on with a dude like Corey pronto, right?

Maybe she will:

"They came into [Pinz] last night with a small group of people," an onlooker at the bowling ally says about the two cuties. Oh, and BFF Selena Gomez was part of the bowling crew, too.

"They were all extremely polite, ordered food and just had a good time."

So were Tay and Cory getting frisky at all? Says our spy:

"It didn't look especially romantic. Just seemed like a group of friends out having some fun."

We know that after Swift's split with Taylor Lautner she and Cory supposedly went on a few dates, but we're told the two aren't BF-GF status quite yet.

Says an insider close to the non-couple:

"They're both really busy. They're friends though, who knows what will happen."

The Glee hunk played coy when we asked him about the Taylor Swift rumors earlier this month, giving a non-answer that would surely please any publicist.

But pictures don't lie.

Maybe T & C are more than friends. We give them kudos for hanging at a random place instead of dining at some paparazzi haunt in Hollywood a la Tay-Squared. Still think they're in the friend zone, though.

So what say you all—are you rooting for Cory and Taylor to take their relaysh to the next level?


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