Is Eclipse gonna give Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart their box office mojo back, after the so-disappointing Remember Me and small-time The Runaways? ('Tho that one performed solidly, for a limited release.)

The first Eclipse poster was released yesterday with our gal K.Stew front and center, while her minion men lurk behind her. And if you haven't already seen the first scene leaked with Kristen and Rob lying in bed together, you can peep that above.

So how does the third flick compare to the rest of the franchise?

With David Slade directing (whom we hear was adored almost as much as Chris Weitz around Summit parts) fans have been concerned that Eclipse is gonna be way too dark, brooding and fight-tastic than the previous two films.

As we've told you, this is all true. It's not going to be as Robsten sexy as we'd all prefer and will be "slightly edgier". But that doesn't mean the movie sucks!

On the contrary, we're told by those who have seen some rough cuts of the third Twi flick that it's looking to be pretty awesome.

"It's not like the fight scenes and edgier subject matter was pulled out of nowhere," our source dishes. "The script totally follows the third book. If fans liked the book, they won't be disappointed in the movie," says one of our studio insiders.

We're pretty sure that Robert Pattinson + Kristen Stewart together = box office gold. No matter what.

"[Slade] did a great job. He was the perfect director for this film."

Hmm, all this positive Slade feedback makes us wonder if he's still in the running to direct Breaking Dawn(s)? Still throwing it out there.

So. Are you all ready for Robsten to reunite this June? Or are you the minority out there who have been digging their solo projects?

We're super looking forward to both Pattinson and Stewart's next projects to come out, though. That will be telling if the problem is them, their movies, or both. These poor kids just seemed doomed acting with anyone else but each other!


Can't wait for Eclipse? Check out our Total Eclipse photo gallery!

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