Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Too fun shooting the latest episode of Truth, Lies & Ted yesterday at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's naughty negligee joint, Trashy Lingerie in West Hollywood. But guess what? I discovered that Angelina Jolie, when she's not helping Haiti or raising her brood with Brad Pitt, loves to stop by the store!

And get a load of some of the outfits Ms. J has picked out:











Trash Lingerie, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Pretty hot stuff, no wonder Brad stays close. Makes sense, huh?

Well, that and the business about Brad telling his friends nookie with AJ is "the best sex" he's ever had, you've heard about that little nugget, haven't you? Did you know he's still saying it?

Amazing, considering they've had their issues, to be sure.

But perhaps this still-burning desire helps explain—a little bit, at least—why Brad sticks to AJ like he's her friggin' manny. Just wish he'd shave next time he wants to enjoy one of Angie's Trashy purchases. But then, if she's not complaining, who am I to do it?

Oh, and I sure hope Angie's got her travel bags packed with these racy outfits, since the woman who came between Brad and Jennifer is now filming The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Yes, yes, yes, Brad and the fam are close by Angie's side right now on location.

But Brad must not get too bored while guarding his woman, you know.


What is Brad's grimmy beard telling us? Check out in Brad Pitt's Beard: The Evolution Gallery and judge for yourselves

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