Damien Whitewood, Pamela Anderson, Dancing with the Stars


Uh, oh, our Dancing With the Stars insiders have said Pam Anderson's already big-hair-head has gotten even more swollen since the premiere of Monday's show, for which Ms. A. totally nailed it. This is not a bad thing.

Even though our darling Kristin Dos Santos considered Anderson's cha-cha a virtual "sex show", sorry, we never disagree with the venerable Dos Santos, but, here, we must:

Dancing with the Stars has previously been such an unpredictable and often ho-hum experience—you never know what you're getting, if you'll be laughing because of a crack-up like Chloris Leachman or falling asleep with an ironing board named Kate Gosselin attempting a waltz. But, next week, when Anderson struts out her fox trot, uh, there's no risk anybody will be drifting off. Yum, can't wait--censors watch out!

And we also hear PA—true to form, and as a result of her hit opening--is even more so keeping folks behind the scenes from losing attention, as well: "She's still very demanding," fesses our DWTS insider. Gosh, maybe you'd think Anderson would loosen up a bit, since she's clearly got the lead right out of the gate?


Early warning: anybody babe who can make diva wannabe Jake Pavleka not even get noticed backstage (as we're told is the case), has a big ol' chance of taking this baby all the way home.

‘Cause the AT knows its way around stars who would rumba all over their young just to get ahead, trust.


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