How good is Parenthood? So good that for the first time in a "very long time," Lauren Graham is actually able to watch herself on the screen.

True story! I just sat down with Lauren on the set of Parenthood, which airs tonight, and she opened up about her "deep, deep problems" watching herself, and her love life on and off the show...

"This is the first time I've even watched anything in a very long time," Lauren tells me of her new NBC series helmed by Friday Night Lights boss Jason Katims. "We really work these scenes in this loose way and it's just so interesting to see it put together." She adds with a laugh, "I'm proud of it and I think it's important to enjoy as much as I can, whilst watching like this [covers face] 'Ah! Why I'd just do that?! Why is my hair like that?!' "

You longtime Graham fans already know this, but the woman formerly known as Lorelai Gilmore (we miss ye, Gilmore Girls) is just as witty and charming and self-deprecating in real life as we've seen onscreen. (Dammit, just when we thought we couldn't love her any more!)

And Lauren says she's totally digging the role of Sara Braverman, a struggling mother of two, with whom she can definitely connect.

Lauren says of her Parenthood alter ego: "She's someone who wears their heart and vulnerability on their sleeve a little bit. I can't do that because I'm in a job that means I have to seem like I have confidence so I can get through the day…I so relate to feeling frustrated and like you don't know anything. No matter how old you get, you're still learning."

And get ready for a pretty freaking adorable new man in Sara's (Lauren's) life: Jason Ritter! He comes on Parenthood next week to play Lauren's new love interest. "He's my daughter's teacher, and that's how we get into an inappropriate love relationship. He's on for four or five episodes. He's great. I only hope that his pilot doesn't get picked up so we can have him back," she says devilishly. "Which is very selfless I think, to wish ill for other people for your own needs!"

No word yet as to whether Parenthood will live on for a second season, and Graham admits: "You're always thinking about it. We're watching the ratings, which have been good. It's a different world now in terms of predicting that stuff than it was 10 years ago when we launched Gilmore Girls. We're very thankful to be in a position to get viewers and have had the support that we've had. You always care."

If you too care and want to see Parenthood stick around, tune in tonight at 10 p.m. for the latest episode!

Check out my video interview of Lauren above to find out which kind of man she'd go for in real life (Hint: If you've got an Irish name, line up!), plus much more.

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